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-::- Stand Alone Projects -::-

Most boat owners at some point say "wouldn't it be nice to have a so-and-so". Whether it is a custom cratch board, new or replacement stove installation, new doors, panels on doors, or a nice lounge cabinet, call us! Most such jobs can add functionality and value to your boat, and can be completed within a few days or a week, so you don't lose out on valuable cruising time!

Now you see it, now you don't!
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A cratch board with a difference. Most designs are fixed, rigid structures that restrict access to the gas locker and T-stud. TLC's solution can be seen here - the glazed 'wing' panels are hinged to allow free access forward and can also be lifted off. By simply undoing 1 more catch and a few wing-nuts the entire cratch can be completely removed from the boat in three minutes!

Three minutes later . . .

Bespoke cabinet.

Made from solid parana pine this cabinet was built to match in with the rest of the boat's fit-out, and makes a striking feature in the lounge. The top doors are glazed, whilst the bottom ones have raised and fielded panels. Matching 'wing' shelves complete the effect.

Squirrel stove installation.

Ultra modern stove installation with a classical twist. Solid oak framed fireplace with matt black tiles on the hearth and high glazed black tiles on the walls. The hearth base incorporates a low-level ventilator to ensure a good flow of fresh air to the stove reducing the risk of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Bed settee.

This bed-settee was built to fit in a fairly tight space and to pull out horizontally across the boat. Additional storage is incorporated in the base for bedding etc. Height, rake and firmess were all taken into consideration as one of the owners has back problems.

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