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-::- Craneage -::-

Our 25t Coles Crane (aka 'Colin') can lift most boats for bottom blacking, below-the-line repairs, inspections or surveys. Fully insured and certificated, you can rest assured that your boat can safely have some 'time out' at TLC

Lifted boats can be placed on our hardstanding, on our trailer for pushing into the Barn, or to or from your trailer. We can also lift one end at a time of any boat for stern gear or bow-thruster maintenance.

Narrowboat 'Somnalis' has been lifted out and slewed round on to the hardstanding by the Grist Mill for bottom blacking. This boat is 45ft long, but we can lift longer . . .

Call for details!

Narrowboat 'Leo' required a new propeller. We lifted the stern of this 60' boat to allow the owner clear access to the propeller shaft.
Work tug 'Matthew' had been carrying out maintenance work on the Basingstoke Canal when it needed some maintenance of it's own. Serious damage, caused by debris in the canal, meant that the entire stern drive unit had to be removed for repair and subsequent refit.
Cruiser 'Arctic Tern' has just been lifted and placed the stands on the hardstanding for the owners to anti-foul her and carry out repairs to the rubbing strakes.
This 70' narrowboat had been experiencing rudder problems so we lifted the stern to assess the situation and plan corrective action.
'Diamond Lady', a Sea Otter narrowboat, has just had a repaint and has been pulled out the Barn by 'Lenny' ready for re-launch. 'Kevin' (our previous crane) is on standby ready to lift her back in to the water.


Prices for craneage are on the DIY Facilities page.
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