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As well as the Boat Fitting and Stand-alone Project work, we carry out many other services such as:- Electrical & Plumbing installation/diagnosis/repair, Tiling, Anti-foul & Blacking as well as being able to supply & fit our chandlery items eg solar panels, toe-steps, invertors and plank & pole rests etc. All in all there's not much we can't do!


Originally this shower wall was varnished wood, but over the years water had penetrated and discoloured it. Without a major re-build of the boat, tiling over was the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Do you really want to see a photo of
someone anti-fouling?


OK - it's a mucky job and someone has to do it! Even if you're not prepared to, we are!

Solar Panel.

Not a lot we can say about installing solar panels, but this one works, and very nicely too!

photo soon


This is exciting! But then, without it, no showers, no hot or cold water for washing/drinking etc. Where would we be without it?

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